It’s As Simple As Reaching Out and Saying, “Me, too.”

As a member of Lea Ann Garfias’ Launch Team I received a free pre-release digital copy of Rocking Ordinary. I was not required to give a positive review of the book or promote it. All my opinions are my own.

When my copy of Lea Ann’s book, Rocking Ordinary, arrived in my email I diligently began to read it. I expected a book about homemaking or one about appreciating your children while they’re small. I thought that, like so many other mothering and homemaking books on the market, it would remind me how grateful I should be, maybe give me some tips about nurturing peace in my home. Then it would waltz its way onto my dusty, crowded bookshelf. I figured I would get a sneezing fit and the affirmation that things couldn’t get any better. But…

Rocking Ordinary is not like other mothering and homemaking books!

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For one thing it’s focused on you. It’s concerned with your ordinary life. It’s not about tips to get you that much closer to perfection in your housework and family life. It’s about receiving the grace of God and allowing it to saturate your heart, your missions and your relationships.

Lea Ann casts down the idol of perfection and argues that we must redefine success. Success is not perfection, but enduring in doing God’s work with everything we have to offer. This applies to our relationships, too, and especially our relationships with other women. Rocking Ordinary encourages us to stay connected, and to offer our humble, genuine support to those around us.

Rocking Ordinary

This books contains some of the most honest and simple advice for a healthy marriage that I have read. It also talks a lot about the pain that people can cause each other. It addresses how we can cope with loss, uncertainty and failure by placing our trust in God, because we can be sure that God won’t let any part of our work or suffering go to waste.

This book is heartfelt, and Lea Ann bares her soul for our benefit.

Lea Ann is a fellow homeschooler and is also on Facebook Live every afternoon from her Facebook Page. She implores us to embrace the idea that our lives make a huge difference, even if we are ordinary, even if today we can only clean the house or reach out and say, “Me, too.”

I recommend this book to anyone who is wondering how their ordinary life matters. I also recommend it to anyone who feels too small or disconnected to make a difference. I recently returned to church after more than a decade away and this book helped me to be more comfortable with my role as a mother and parishioner. It gave me a whole new perspective on what that can mean. It put my real, human, imperfect relationships into perspective and motivated me to reach out and make friends.

Buy it right now!


You can buy it at Amazon US|CAN or shop at Christianbook. They are a fantastic place to shop for Christian literature and gifts. I love their selection.

Rocking Ordinary: Holding It Together with Extraordinary Grace
By Lea Ann Garfias / New Leaf Publishing

Most women don’t consider their lives great. Stuck in an endless routine of cleaning, cooking, and caring for family members, they struggle to find meaning and worth in their daily lives. Exhausted at the end of another busy, chaotic day, they wonder if they have made any measurable progress, if their work counts, and if it even matters.

In Rocking Ordinary author Lea Ann Garfias talks frankly, but in a humorous way, about real life, ministry failures, and the depressing side of Christian womanhood. Whether you feel capable or not, you are already changing lives. This fun-filled book is for Christian women in their 20s, 30s, or 40s who may or may not have children, may or may not be tired, and may or may not be addicted to coffee.

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