Raising Awareness of Local Pregnancy Counselling, Part 2

In honour of Respect Life Month, a group of Mommy bloggers spoke with local pregnancy counselling centres to put a spotlight on the resources that are available to pregnant woman in their communities. It is our hope that this project raises awareness and makes it easier to access pregnancy information and counselling. Perhaps you will consider contacting your own local centre to find out how you can help, and spread the word in your own community.

I contacted The Valley Care Pregnancy Centre in Kentville, Nova Scotia by email. Executive Director, Bill Davenport, kindly answered my questions and shared this information with me.

The Valley Care Pregnancy Centre

Used with permission.


1. Who founded The Valley Care Pregnancy Centre and what was his/her vision?

It was founded by a group of Christians from different churches in 1994 as a compassionate response to the need they saw of reaching out to women to educate them on fetal development and abortion risks and procedures – things women then (and now) are not informed about from health care professionals when considering abortion. As Christians, they had a high view of humanity and sought to uphold the sanctity of human life and promote sexual integrity by speaking the truth in love, in a compassionate, non-judgemental, non-confrontive way.

2. What do you see as the centre’s greatest strength?

I see the greatest strength of this centre to be God, His love, truth (His Word), power and glory, His Gospel (in His Son), His Spirit, His people, His grace and compassion – His lovingkindness that endures to all generations.

3. Do you have a personal testimony or story to share about working at The Valley Care Pregnancy Centre?

Sure, we have lots. Here’s a short 4.5 min. video where one of our clients shares her story. We don’t advertise that we do abortions, but we do invite people looking for abortion to come in and talk with us about it. We allow them the time to slow down and think about it and consider their reasoning and options. Whatever choice they make after this time of reflecting is not judged by us. One lady recently came in wanting a pregnancy test, determined to have an abortion. We shared our information, the test was positive and she left and had an abortion. But you know the really neat thing for us? She moved to a different address and she called us not long after her meeting with us to let us know she moved so we would still have her contact information. That tells me that we are handling these situations with grace, compassion as well as truth. So here’s a video of one such woman who came in and changed her mind (shared with permission). I called this young lady last week and she said they now have 6 kids together and are soon moving into their “dream home.”

4. What is the one thing that you want people to know about the centre?

When I asked my doctor how she processed patients who may be pregnant, she told me that she gets blood work done and sits them down in her office and asks, “What support do you have?” As I sat there imagining myself in that young woman’s shoes, I thought, “Well, not my parents, not my boyfriend, not my friends, not my church … I guess I really don’t have much support. So I guess I really don’t have many options.” So the one thing I would want people to know about the Centre is that we are here to help offer strong, long-term, practical and loving support for unplanned pregnancy, parenting, adoption and help for those who wrestle with unpleasant feelings and memories associated with a past abortion.

5. If a woman was considering abortion what do you hope someone would tell her about the centre?

One of our latest visitors filled out our exit form (we seek to learn how to better serve our guests). The question was, “What information did you gain from your visit to our Centre?” Her response: “Hope.” She said, “I would strongly recommend this Centre to a friend who was facing a problem pregnancy. They were very helpful.” So I would hope that someone would tell her that there is hope and loving support for her at the Valley Care Pregnancy Centre.

6. How can members of the community best support the centre?

Prayer for staff, board and guests. Make known to everyone their loving support for those facing unplanned pregnancy. Help us source material needs for those who choose to parent and need help (like diapers, formula, clothing, personal care). Be part of a local church that loves on people who find themselves in unplanned pregnancy/parenting/adoption situations and speaks truth and love in these areas as well in the area of abortion so those struggling after an abortion know they have a place to share their hearts and experiences and find hope, help and healing. Volunteer in helping on the Board, Financial Management, Advertising and Marketing, Volunteer Recruitment and Training. If possible, Financial Support is very much needed as well.

I would like to thank Mr. Davenport for taking the time to answer my questions. I would also like to thank Amy, author of Prayer, Wine and Chocolate for pitching this great idea to the Zelie Group.

If you’re inspired to showcase your local women’s centre or pregnancy centre on your blog please read the rules and then add your link below. Enter the location of the resource you are writing about as the title so that people can easily use this to find a centre nearby.


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Interviewing Women's Health Centres

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