{30 Days of Gratitude} Projects and Work with #30bbdaysofgratitude

I have so many projects! This could be a long post…

I’m grateful for my huge, life-changing project of homeschooling our daughter. It keeps me constantly occupied with researching courses, selecting materials, evaluating progress and adding in her latest interests. It brought me back to God. It opened my eyes to information that I ignored and it showed me that raising a family is a vocation for God. It allows me to have confidence that my daughter is getting the best out of her early years. I’m thankful that I have all the resources for homeschooling from the online community and so much support from my family and church.

I’ve been blogging on and off for twenty years, but this is my first serious blogging project. I’m grateful that my husband supports this project and my writing in general. I’m also thankful for The Zelie Group, my blogging friends. Blogging alongside other Catholic Mommy bloggers is very inspirational.

Gratitude for My Work and Projects

Many homeschoolers feel that one of the most important parts of education is teaching your child a marketable skill at a young age, like knitting or woodworking, for example. Having the experience of making something useful from scratch is important, as is having the ability to earn money without relying on others. I’m thankful for all the crafts and skills that I learned when I was little, mostly from my mother. I learned quilting, embroidery, cross-stitch, cooking and baking, and piano. Having practical skills has given me a lot of confidence and a few extra options to work from home. I’m such an impatient person, I cringe to think what I would be like if I hadn’t worked on patience and attention to detail so much when I was young!


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