How To Have A Pleasant Vacation With A Five Year Old

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Want to hear about our trip?

Even though Cape Breton is full of great restaurants, fabulous historical sites, and incredible scenic drives we don’t do much of that with June. The nicest thing for June about visiting Cape Breton is Grandma and Grandpa’s garden. She learns a lot about planting and harvesting. She collects bugs. The best part is getting up every morning and enjoying the peaceful, green outdoors.

Summer in the Garden 2016

1. Using a seed meter to plant seeds. 2. Hanging candles in the grapevine for the fireworks party. 3. June picked a beautiful bouquet for Mommy.

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Since we live in an apartment, having lots of space to play is a treat. Being outdoors lets her enjoy things that she doesn’t have at home, like a kiddie pool. Each year we try something new to spice up the kiddie pool. This year we got a gadget that automatically filled hundreds of water balloons. June had a great time bursting them all. In the basement, Grandpa’s workshop is a magical place. This year, June glued and painted a folk art deer.

Fun at Grandma's House

1. Learning how to hit a birdie. 2. Shopping with Grandma. 3. Painting a folk art deer. 4. Playing with water balloons in the kiddie pool.

The beach is a great place to get out and get active. Windy Cape Breton is ideal for flying a kite. You have to get the perfect kite, though. This year Grandma and Grandpa brought a bigger kite and it worked splendidly.

Flying A Kite

In the spring, June was already imagining all the fun she would have picking berries. She suggested that we make a pie with blueberries AND strawberries! It’s a jumbleberry pie! On the very first day of vacation June and Grandma baked that pie and it was so good.

Pie Baking from Scratch

1. Grandma teaching Juniper how to roll pie crust. 2. Grandpa and Juniper picking strawberries for pie. 3. Mixing the pie filling. 4. The taste test!

No vacation is complete without a visit to a zoo or a museum. Cape Breton has Two Rivers Wildlife Park. You can check out their website and educational printouts. Many of the animals’ habitats in the park are large, natural, fenced areas. This makes it challenging to find all the animals in one visit! We often find surprises while walking in the woods, like rabbits, turtles and funny bugs. It’s nice to take the time to look for things.

Petting Zoo

1. A horse-drawn ride through Two Rivers Park. 2. A fuzzy caterpillar from the beach grass. 3. Surprise! A tiny turtle in the path. 4. Feeding animals at the zoo. 5. The inch worm was too smart for us to pick up.

Sadly, our trip came to an end. The neighbors held a fireworks party next door. June helped decorate the garden with candles. We had so much fun exploring the garden at night while we waited for it to get dark enough. We used the tent to get warm when the wind came up. It was long past bedtime, but June made it until the last firework went off.

Fireworks Party

1. Sitting and chatting while waiting for the fireworks to start. 2. There are fun toys throughout the garden like this light up frog that changes colours. 3. S’mores are a fun treat. 4. Me, using the tent to get a break from the chilly evening.

Oh, and did I mention that we can’t make a ton of noise in our apartment? We can make noise at Grandma’s house though! Check out the makeshift drum set that Grandpa set up in the shed.


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