The 3 Things I Learned Best From My Mother

As a homeschooling Mom I spend a lot of time thinking about the things that I want my daughter to learn. This year I want her to keep on reading, learn to print, start learning about Jesus, and learn to control her temper. I hope that our lifestyle teaches her that love and people are more important than the accumulation of material things, knowledge or accolades. In the end what will she really learn? I know from my experience that the biggest lessons we learn from our parents are not the ones that they set out to teach.

What three things did you learn best from your mother?

Sadly, I learned to be anxious from my mother. Like my own daughter, I suspect that I was born with my mother’s temperament. My mother was very sympathetic and supportive. She was an excellent role model in that she was always there for me and was a meticulous homemaker despite her struggles with anxiety. On the other hand she believed, and taught me to believe, that it was our normal, a mindset that it took me more than 30 years to shake.

On a happier note, I learned to cook from my mother. She always let me mix and chop and taste. My life is punctuated with all the special goodies that she made. I didn’t just learn the basics of cooking from Mom, I learned the value of it as well. It brings health, peace and unity to families. It connects people to their roots and unites people all over the world. Food is not pretentious. Simple foods and masterpieces are on equal footing. If you love cooking there is always some new delight to share, some technique to master, or an old favourite to revisit.

The third thing that I learned best from my mother was faith. In good times and bad, she lived her life in the firm belief that things were unfolding as they should. Things in life come and go and our control over it is mostly an illusion. That philosophy has been a great comfort to me and a recurring theme in my spiritual life.

What lessons will my daughter ultimately learn best in our family? We’ll have to wait and see. In the comments, share with us…what did you learn best from your mother?


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