{Library Haul} Picking Out Her Own Books

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Up until this week we relied almost exclusively on book bags from our library; take and go bags with 10 books each on a specific topic selected by the librarians. Sadly, June has well outgrown them now, and also we keep getting many of the same books again and again. This week we let June pick her own books. This is what we got.

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I Am the Cat, I Am the Dog has rich, watercolour illustrations that will be delightful for pet loving kids. I read the first chapter of Space Taxi. It’s a fun premise. There is an alien cat sent to Earth on a scientific mission. June (5 years old) dove into the Superhero storybook and is really enjoying it. It’s got carried off to room immediately; that’s a sure sign.

I also got:

I’m on an angel kick after our last JEI Link-up.

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4 thoughts on “{Library Haul} Picking Out Her Own Books

  1. Book bags?! What a great idea! I’ll have to ask our librarians if they do those! I haven’t seen them, but I’ve learned that they do so much stuff at the library that I just don’t know about yet!

  2. We have something similar at our library called Grab and Go bags for preschoolers and different ones for Kindergarteners with only 5 books in a bag but I love the different topics they explore.

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