{Weekly Wrap-up} About Parrots and Pirates

A major construction project is happening around our building. It has gone on for about a year now and will be continuing for some time to come. It’s exciting, but it’s also a big adjustment in many ways. For one thing, a family of deer used to forage through the forest around us that spanned a few blocks. They’ve continued to come, even now, after the forest is gone. We got a good look at them this week.


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Finally we are picking up our homeschooling pace and I’m so excited that we will probably finish Kindergarten in time to start Grade 1 in the fall. We have been waiting and working on attention span and self control so far this year. Now things are starting to improve. I think it is in a large part due to Mathseeds and Reading Eggs, which gave my daughter some confidence and independence. Until the end of the year we will be working on worksheets to build fine motor skills and good habits like reading instructions and staying on task.

For worksheets we use:

Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills Grade KIt was great for practicing skills that were picked up through experience during the early years. It gives me something to file away as proof of learning.

Healthy Habits for Healthy Kids Grade KThere were lots of opportunities for kids to express their preferences and individuality on the worksheets. It had information about food groups, food sources, hygiene, exercise cards and more. It includes a CD so you can make as many copies of the worksheets as you need.

Building Thinking Skills Primary
This book of activities helps kids learn skills that they will need to think systematically. The worksheets cover things like sorting and logic.

There are three more weeks of pre-ballet and then we will break for the summer. We were a little concerned that she wasn’t ready when we signed up, but Juniper’s comfort in the group and her balance have improved immensely since she started dancing. We aren’t sure which program we will be taking in the fall. It could be taekwondo, ballet or tennis…or even something else.

The high point this week was Merlin the Macaw’s Birthday at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. It was a lovely, warm day for a walk downtown. The tulips are up.

Walking to a Birthday Party

20160521_103155Juniper enjoyed making her paper bag macaw in the morning and we returned for a piece of birthday cake in the late afternoon. The links go to the museum’s twitter account. It’s worth a look. You can scroll down to load the page and then search for macaw or Merlin to find all sorts of facts about macaws and footage of Merlin. You will also see lots of photos of the Halifax waterfront.

It was our first time at this particular museum. I tried to get her to pose as a pirate, but the dandelion gives her away…


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