8 Simple and Easy Ways to Find Good Hashtags

Hashtag Tips

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Hashtags. You know, those words on Twitter and Instagram with the “#” in front of them. The right ones look so trendy. They’re kind of catchy. Sometimes they make me want to run out and make a #hashtagmoment. They help people find your content on social media.

Even if you aren’t a blogger, if you use social media, you probably use hashtags. Have you ever wondered how to pick the best hashtags? It isn’t hard.

  1. First, be polite.
    Do a search for the hashtags and see how they are being used. If it’s being used by only one person or company don’t flood their hashtag with your content.

    Also, don’t use #jordanwedding. Instead use #knbjordanwedding2016. There’s room for everyone.


  3. Frequently used tags get more searches, but posts get pushed down on the search page faster.
    At least some of your hashtags should have between 50K and 100K posts. That way you know that people are using that hashtag, but your post won’t be so far down on the page that no one will ever get to see it.

  5. Keep an organised list of hashtags to draw from in the future.
    If your posts fall into certain categories make a group of hashtags for each category.

  7. What words are your target audience typing into the search box?
    Hashtags are similar to keywords on a blog or in a database, but they aren’t exactly the same. Keywords are a good place to start, but consider whether someone is likely to actually search for the word. If they aren’t, then that word is a waste of space.

    Are you looking for people like yourself? People like your friends? Other Christians? Clients to buy your product? Define who you want to meet on social media and use their search words as your hashtags.


  9. What additional hashtags appear as suggested searches?
    Take some of the hashtags that you came up with and type them into the search. Can you use any of the additional hashtags that are automatically suggested?

  11. Use the trendy phrases in your area of interest.
    People who identify with a particular trend will be searching for that slogan on social media. You can attract a very specific audience by using slogans as hashtags. For example, #choiceineducation is popular in Canada right now because of upheaval in the homeschooling community in Alberta. Using this hashtag will make your content accessible to a niche audience.

    Don’t forget to make the most of popular sayings like #tgif, #sundayfunday and #seizetheday.


  13. What hashtags are the popular people using?
    Can you use any of those? Branch out and look at their favourites and followers. What hashtags are they using?

  15. Are you still looking for more hashtag ideas?
    Go to GetHashtags to see the overall most popular hashtags and to search for more hashtags on your topics.

If you do these things you’re well on your way to helping interested readers find you on social media.

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