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At this time of year most of us are either enjoying the hospitality of others or hosting guests ourselves. It’s hard, as a mother of littles, to keep the house in presentable condition from one moment to the next. Most of us have cleaning shortcuts to combat the mess when guests arrive unexpectedly. It’s such as innocent question, but so revealing. What do you do when company arrives unannounced? Umm…I get dressed?! I think this is a sneaky topic!

JEI Hospitality

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1. What’s your go-to “someone’s coming over” recipe?

Pizza! If someone came over to eat unexpectedly I would order pizza. There’s a really good place at the end of block. Our favourite is Cheeseburger Pizza.

If I had time to cook something, it would be roast chicken with potatoes and roast asparagus.

2. You have 5 minutes to tidy before guests arrive. What are your tidying shortcuts?

  • Line up the shoes in the entrance and hang up the coats and sweaters. (Maybe they won’t come in!)
  • Pick up all the toys and throw them into bins. (It looks clean if they don’t look too hard!)
  • Wipe as many surfaces as I can and light a wax scent diffuser. If I have time, I try to actually have something roasting, or cookies baking when guests arrive because making delicious food is the perfect distraction and excuse for a messy house.


3. What sort of music sets the mood for the perfect gathering?

Soothing classical music is the best default music for a gathering. Though, you can’t go wrong with holiday music at Christmas time. Jazz is classy. For cozy, friendly get togethers try Christmas sung by Michael Bublé from Amazon US | CAN.


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