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I’m going to come clean and admit that I am anti-sports. There I said it. Cue the mob with pitchforks.

It’s a lot of fun to get together and play sports for the joy of movement and to be in each others company. It’s fun if you have that, but it’s very rare.

When it comes to children, I cringe at competition. Even at entry level lessons the emphasis is on excelling when it should be about tenacity, mutual respect and fellowship. Kids are pushed from one activity to another and cast aside if they’re not flourishing. That’s how the professional sports leagues work and we’re teaching sports, right? Not enough effort is made to make sure that kids (and adults) know the difference between play and work.

The sports culture makes me unhappy, too. It’s rude, aggressive, and raucous. I’m tired of hearing that it’s kids being kids. Just because kids tend toward being wild doesn’t mean that we need a club.

That’s not to say that if my daughter begged to play a sport that I wouldn’t support her. It would be a minefield for us to navigate, though.

On to the questions:

JEI Linkup Sports

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1. What sports do your kids play?

I prefer dancing. In ballet my six year old learned a lot about being conscious of the needs of others and respecting their space. She was focused on her personal best. She still got to exercise, but in an environment that promoted thoughtfulness, positive attitudes and decorum. I think we’ll be doing more dancing in the future.

This term I caved to popular pressure and we tried tennis. It was disagreeable, for both June and me, on the court and in the stands.

There is a family taekwondo class that we may yet try before we go back to the safe and pleasant haven of dance lessons.

2. What do you do for exercise?

I’ve been running on and off since 2003 when I met my husband. Now I run on the treadmill in our bedroom while watching Gilmore Girls. When I run it makes me feel like I exercised a lot for the amount of time that I invested.

I also like pilates and yoga. It’s both weight training and stretching together. When I have sixty to ninety minutes to myself it can be very rewarding.

Sometimes, when I’m bored I like Sparkpeople. They have lots of exercise videos for everyone.

3. In the Mom Olympics, what would your event be?

Though I don’t like junior sports, I do enjoy watching the Olympics, especially skating.

My sport in the Mom Olympics would be the triathle – shooting, swimming and running. It happens two times a year during the mad cleaning drive when my parents are visiting. My shooting targets are the toy bins. The swimming segment is when I get drenched while rushing to clean to the bathrooms. The running is a race to the laundry room so that I can occupy it from 7 AM to noon.
Does your family like sports? What are your favourites and why? Share in the comments.


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3 thoughts on “{JEI} Sports with #thezeliegroup

  1. Yea ballet! Part of why I enjoy ballet so much is that it’s learning a discipline. It’s not about competing with anybody else (although there are those who go that route.) I love that it has such a rich history, and that learning the history actually makes it easier to dance.

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