{Library Haul} Introducing the Discards Shelf


Lately, our library has been discarding books and we can buy them for $2 a bag. Yay! I riffle through it every time I visit. I get to take home things that are different for me or that I didn’t think of before. I can fill the bag with magazines and take them home to snip recipes. Somehow that’s cathartic for me. Possibly the coolest part of it all is not worrying about due dates!

Browsing Pinterest I often run across delicious recipes, suitable for some diet that I know nothing about. This always leaves me curious. And, well, recipes. I’m collecting diet books from the discard shelf.

June picked out some more books, too. We continue with our obsession with cats and dogs, plus two others. We haven’t had a chance to read them yet.

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2 thoughts on “{Library Haul} Introducing the Discards Shelf

  1. We just picked up a bunch of library discards at our library’s book sale – I was pretty excited, they had some Ezra Jack Keats and the kids have been loving them 🙂

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