The Zelie Group’s Christmas Gift Guide #thezeliegroup

The Catholic Mommy bloggers at The Zelie Group want to help you with your holiday shopping. We teamed up to share our favourite items in this Gift Guide Blog Hop. Just use the links at the end of this post to visit each of us. We love your comments! Don’t forget to tell us that you visited.
1. We love getting Lego advent calendars at our house. Each day from December 1st to Christmas your child can open a new door to find a tiny holiday themed Lego kit inside. They are so small and easy to build that my five year old was able to do it. It’s a nice alternative to the typical chocolate filled advent calendars. Buy it now from Amazon Canada or Amazon US.

2 & 3: We get excited about devotionals at our house. Would you like to do a year long devotional alongside your child? They make great Christmas gifts because you start using them in the brand new year. I love both of these.

Devotions for Girls Ages 6-9: God and Me by Diane Cory (Buy Amazon US | CAN) promotes God as our special friend and is laid out just like a grown up devotional with short writing activities throughout. There aren’t enough devotions for each day of the year, but there are about 100 and they’re several pages long.

Veggietales’ God is with Me 365 Daily Devos is a great choice for younger kids because the devotions are shorter, the pages are more colourful, and it features some of the most lovable characters in Christian kids television (Buy Amazon US | CAN).


4. If I had to pick one favourite Christmas gift for myself it would be gloves. I love getting gloves! I like leather or elegant fitted fabric gloves in dark colours and classic styles.

5. Are you looking for something educational for your kids this Christmas? This kit lets your kids read about the human body, it’s bones and organs. Then they can build their own skeleton from the durable cardboard pieces. The box is a nice size and shape for gift wrapping, too. There are other themes to choose from like dinosaurs and sharks. Find it at Amazon Canada or Amazon US.

6. April Cornell is my all-time favourite designer. Her recognisable style is inspired by watercolor painting, the countryside and the time that she spent in India. You can add her delicate and whimsical prints to your home with these lovely tablecloths and placemats.

7.Do you have fussy eaters in your house? Maybe if they cooked it themselves they would eat it! Buy this slow cooker book as your kid’s first cookbook and enjoy teaching them about making food the easy way. Just about every recipe has a giant, full color photo. We made beef alphabet stew from this book and it was awesome (Amazon US | CAN).

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