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Fishbowl Fortune Quilt Label
I’ve been meaning to reclaim my crafty side. Many years ago I made several quilts. I was a quilting nerd and loved all things quilty. I knew the names of all the techniques and had my own spins and opinions. I daydreamed in quilted scenes.

I ran across a blog hop today and I just had to dig out one of my old quilts and share. At Val’s Quilting Studio this week’s topic is Quilting Labels.

I liked labelling my quilts with an embroidered panel in matching colours. It’s the shape of the island where I lived when I made the quilt. I used a map and transfer paper to get the outline on the fabric. It’s embroidered in stem stitch. My town is marked with a French knot and I added my name and the year. The edge is finished with bias tape made from the same fabric as the quilt.

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Fishbowl Fortune Quilt Label

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