Tuna Canapés, Quick Sandwiches for Kids



As a Mom I often feel like I’m flailing about, trying to get it right. When I feel like I’ve found something I grab onto it like a life raft. Our homeschool schedule is like that. Math must be in the morning or I will regret it!

It’s also hard to find things that my six year old daughter will eat consistently, besides pizza and chocolate. Tuna is something that she enjoys, but turning a lonely can of tuna into part of a balanced meal is challenging. Things between two pieces of bread are usually a safe bet.

Inspired by my beloved antique copy of Meta Given’s Modern Encyclopedia of Cooking, I decided to offer her canapés, because sandwiches shaped like flowers can’t be bad. You won’t have to blend delicate spreads or colour coordinate your garnishes to make these tuna sandwiches, though. My daughter said they tasted like a cheeseburger – a high compliment coming from June! Try these for lunch or for a party.

Tuna Canapé, Sandwiches for Kids

Tuna Canapés

Makes six sandwiches.

12 slices of whole wheat sandwich bread
6 oz can of solid white tuna in water
2 tbsp Greek yogurt
1 heaping tbsp your choice of relish
1 tsp honey
1/2 tsp Dijon mustard

On a cutting board lay out the slices of bread. Roll them once or twice with a rolling pin, lightly. You can gently stretch the slices, being careful not to tear them, and roll them lightly again. This step makes the sandwiches larger and helps you make a neat cut.

Using a 3-3 1/2 inch flower shaped cookie cutter, cut one round from each slice.

Drain the tuna and discard the liquid. Flake with a fork. In a separate bowl mix together yogurt, relish, honey, and mustard. Add the yogurt mixture to the tuna and mix until combined. Divide the spread evenly between six rounds of bread. Top with the other six rounds of bread.

Fairly quick, tasty and kid-approved. Maybe it does taste a little like a cheeseburger…

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Tuna Sandwiches, Kid Approved!

3 thoughts on “Tuna Canapés, Quick Sandwiches for Kids

  1. My kids are both pretty good eaters but I don’t think I’ve ever given them tuna – and that realization is shocking to me! I need to make this for them to try because I’m sure they’d love it and it would be a nice change from a PBandJ, turkey or ham sandwich.

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