12 Photos Recapturing 2016 at Our House

I’m linking up with Bobbi at Revolution of Love for a 2016 Photo Recap. 2016 was a big year for us. Take a peek.

Penpals and Postcrossing

This year we discovered penpals and Postcrossing.  June has three penpals and I have one, all in the United States. We’ve been collecting postcards from people all over the world using Postcrossing. I’m waiting to receive a batch of postcards right now. (The postal service is slow after Christmas.)

Muffin Day at McDonald's

We started a new tradition. Every Saturday morning we get up and go directly to McDonald’s for muffins and coffee. Muffin Day really changed our Saturday mornings from a grouchy waste of time into a productive high point of our week.

Dinosaur Love

We love dinosaurs this year. Dinosaur toys, dinosaurs at the museum – and we really love painting dinosaurs.

Ballet Lessons

June took her first ballet lesson this year. It was a great experience for her…but she still dances to her own beat.

Mia the Beta

We got out first pet, Mia the Beta. She promptly died. Then we got Sunshine the Beta, who also died. Both were buried among the marigolds in Grandma’s garden.

Back Injury

Daddy hurt his back this year, and we’re happy that it got better, but it won’t ever be the same. I had started going to church again after more than ten years away and the injury brought Daddy to church, too. It was a blessing in disguise.

June overcame her fear and fed the goats at the petting zoo for the very first time this year. We had a nice summer.

Summer at Grandma's

We visited Grandma and Grandpa and June learned how to bake pies.


June was Baptised in June. Grandma baked a cake shaped like a lamb to celebrate. She made this cake at Easter when I was little.

Tried Alpha

My husband and I did Alpha together. It’s the beginning of his course to do the sacraments and join the church. I loved being able to be there with him and June loved playing with the other kids from church while we were in class.

6th Birthday

June turned six!


My husband, Bob and I “normalised” our marriage in the church. We have a new Boxing Day anniversary now.

That’s it for us. Don’t forget to check out the other posts at Revolution of Love.


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9 thoughts on “12 Photos Recapturing 2016 at Our House

  1. That was beautiful! What a lot of amazing changes you’ve had in your life recently. Congratulations on your husband’s journey into the Church! And I absolutely LOVE that dinosaur your daughter painted. Too. Cute.

  2. That Postcrossing looks like so much fun! I loved having penpals when I was young! I even found one I had on Facebook and reconnected with her! Happy “Boxing Day” Anniversary and Happy New Year!

  3. Looks like a fantastic year in review!! I also love the idea of painting dinosaurs – I may have to steal that idea… beautiful pictures of a beautiful family in your Year in Review!

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