Homeschool with The Jordans, Weekly Wrap-Up March 10

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What are you doing during this almost-but-not-quite Spring week? Tell me in the comments. I’m sick again. Every year I run with fresh, innocent excitement into the new Spring breezes. Each year I end up with the plague. Why, oh why?


I blame youth ministry for this cold. My tentative forays into church ministry are mentioned again in my guest post at Everyday Ediths. I’m several weeks in now and I feel like I’m being slow to integrate. First of all, one week I was sick. Then, while I love spending time with some of the more visible personalities from my church, I do sometimes feel a bit left out. There is a youth retreat tomorrow and I’m too sick to help out. Plus, last week I practically didn’t see my husband at all because of our mutual church commitments, so this weekend we need to stay home and rest.


My six-year-old, June, has been enjoying Paws to Read. Every week she goes to the library for some one on one time with a a therapy dog. Though the program is mainly to build confidence in struggling readers, we benefit most from the positive social experience. As a result of Paws to Read, June gained confidence to read in front of strangers and to tackle books that she finds intimidating. What I like most is when she talks and laughs with the trainer and how this is teaching her to focus in a public place.


We use Mathseeds, primarily. June loves playing games on the computer and that’s the whole focus of Mathseeds. That’s great until there is trouble with a concept. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of additional opportunities to review. Some of the games move quickly, assuming that you will guess until you get the right answer. June and I dislike uncertainty and doing things over and over. So, we gave JUMP Math a try. I like JUMP because some public schools use it, but we got bored with that, too. Now we’re really excited about a “living” Math curriculum that I picked up on

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519233: Math Lessons for Living Education: Level 1, Grade 1

Math Lessons for Living Education
By Angela O’Dell & Kyrsten Carlson / Master Books

Living books are popular for homeschool. They relate the subject being taught to real life problems and that’s the whole point, isn’t it? June really relates to the story in this book. It’s about a brother and sister who are staying with their grandparents for the summer. While there, they learn math, writing and a little biology while helping out on the farm. Since June loves staying with her grandparents in the summer and when she’s there she loves helping in the garden every day, so she gets really into this story.

519242: Math Lessons for Living Education: Level 2, Grade 2 519257: Math Lessons for Living Education: Level 3, Grade 3 519265: Math Lessons for Living Education: Level 4, Grade 4 519272: Math Lessons for Living Education: Level 5, Grade 5
The volumes of Math Lessons for Living Education continue to Grade 6. We’ll definitely be getting the next volume. June is learning place value alongside addition and subtraction which is really helping her understanding of adding numbers after ten. Since we homeschool there isn’t any reason to move on until we’re really happy with with our outcome. Because we’re spending so much time on this math topic, I love that we have so many choices for math.


For science, we’re using this resource, also from

042455: Science in the Beginning Set
Science in the Beginning Set
By Dr. Jay L. Wile / Berean Builders Publishing, Inc.

It’s the first book in a series that teaches science chronologically through history. This one is based on the first week of creation. We just finished studying the first day of creation when God said, “Let there be light.” We learned about colour, reflections, light as energy and how our eyes work. Tomorrow we’re starting the section on water by talking about solids and liquids. The text includes three levels of complexity so that you can tailor the experience for the age of your children. We’re also happy that the experiments are easy to do and I don’t have to make any special trips to get the things I need to do the demonstrations.


Knitting is one of the life skills that homeschoolers love to teach. I can’t knit myself, though I’ve tried to learn on and off over the years. I want to start teaching a craft because things like quilting and embroidery brought me a lot of joy when I was a kid. Something like knitting is great for practising attention and fine motor skills, too. So, we got a circular loom. Even I can knit with it! June loves using it, too. This is the kit that got: Creativity for Kids Quick Knit Loom. Buy it on Amazon CAN | US.

#knitting #loomknitting #knittingkids #homeschooling #homeschoolperks We picked this up on Saturday. We’re very excited to learn to knit.

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