{Library Haul} or When did I borrow these?


If you follow The Zelie Group blogs you get the idea that Christmas is ideally a time of thoughtful preparation…it’s pensive, even. I have a confession to make. Around the 20th my holiday train started to careen out of control. Making meal plans, cleaning the house, preparing for our Daniel Plan diet, wrapping gifts, planning my 2017 blog. Add in traffic getting heavy with holiday shoppers, bad weather, opening hours getting erratic…I don’t even remember requesting half of the library books in my house.

But, still there are some things to share with you.

My daughter loves playing with playdough, but ends up crumbling it into tiny pieces, one canister at a time. She needs direction, so that I can consider it productive. This book is easy to follow and is a great introduction to getting more creative with clay. (Shop Amazon CAN | US)

My daughter picked this one out the last time we were in the library. I think it was the peacock. In this book a grandfather takes his grandson to a Remembrance Day ceremony. They talk about how it feels to be in a war, using animal metaphors and illustrations. It’s a gentle, sweet book. (Shop Amazon CAN | US).

This book about earthquakes is a great introduction for young kids. The explanation is complete and introduces lots of new vocabulary, but it’s also brief and simple. It’s colourful, with big text and has a hands on demonstration that little kids can do. (Shop Amazon CAN | US)

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2 thoughts on “{Library Haul} or When did I borrow these?

  1. My kids love tearing playdoh into tiny pieces as well! Or they like to hide chunks under furniture, in cupboards, in closets. I don’t know what the rules of their playdoh games are, but I’m definitely losing. That looks like a fun book to keep them focused. 🙂 Thanks for linking up!

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