In Wartime: Stories from Ukraine

There’s so much conflict in the world today. In college, I mostly heard the views of my circle of friends or of my part of Canada. Now, thanks to the internet, we get snippets of the conversation from every point of view. It takes on media bias and has a skew toward certain regions and not others. Though we hear about the conflict in Israel, Egypt, or Ukraine, it seems impossible to identify the facts. It’s even harder to guess what the average person living there thinks of it all.

That’s why I want to review In Wartime: Stories from Ukraine by Tim Judah. The Ukrainian immigrant communities in Nova Scotia gather for bright, joyful festivals. The occasional dance or craft exposition keeps their community in my mind, but I have only a vague idea of where Ukraine is on the map. More than geography, I’m interested in what relationship Ukraine has with neighbouring countries and what the average person there thinks or does.

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