{JEI} All Saints’ Day with #thezeliegroup

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1. How do you celebrate the All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day feasts?

This is our family’s first All Saints’ Day as Christians so we don’t really have any traditions. In previous years my husband was an Atheist and I was Wiccan. Halloween is the big holiday in Wicca and I used to cook a big seasonal meal to eat before we went out trick-or-treating. It’s very different this year to be skipping the meal planning. I’m looking forward to hearing about your traditions, and just in time to run out and copy you! I do plan to take my daughter to morning mass on All Saints’ Day, All Souls’ Day or both.

Juniper was a three headed dragon two years in a row, but this year she will be Harry Potter. She came up with that all by herself. I’ll be sure to take pictures. These are pictures from previous years. She was about a week old on her first one. The onesie said “Mommy’s little mummy.” She’s been a bunny, a pink crayon, Thomas the Tank Engine and then the dragon. I’m sad to see the dragon costume go. It was my favourite.

Halloween Past

2. What was your favorite costume as a kid growing up?

My mother made all my costumes. I don’t think I really had a favourite growing up, but this witch costume is my favourite looking back. My Cabbage Patch Kid had a matching outfit. My daughter has that doll now.
Halloween Grade 2

3. What candy are you most likely to “test for safety” from the kiddo’s loot?

The caramels are all mine because my daughter has crowns and can’t eat them. She gets all the Smarties and M&Ms.

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