7 Quick Takes on What I Like This Week

My quick takes this week are all things that I’m appreciating right now. I hope you like some of them, too.


— 1 —

I did a study of the mass with our church this time last year and the teaching videos were by Tom Curran. I really appreciated his talk and perspectives. Then I found out he has nine kids and does a podcast for parents. There are two new episodes up for Lent. Check out The Curran Crew.

— 2 —

This was our eighth week of Paws to Read because we signed up for a second round. It’s a program that we found through our library where kids read to therapy dogs to practice their reading skills. Juniper is an advanced reader, but she has trouble coping with crowds and new adults. She loves dogs and reading, so we hoped that would give her confidence to work with her other struggles. This week June talked and laughed with the trainer. We’re happy to see progress. It was great! March is Paws to Read Month.



— 3 —

This past Friday we had Vegetarian Sweet and Sour Soup. It was delicious and kid-approved. Get the recipe at Feed Me Phoebe.


— 4 —

At Christmas I won a giveaway at Pinot Noir and Prayers for a cuff bracelet from Faith and Fabric. At some point the mail service had relabeled it with a completely garbled address, but I did eventually get a pick up notice from a distant depot. Thank you!


— 5 —

I have a thing for blankets, especially the plush ones. My husband brought home a throw that someone gave him as a promotional freebie. It’s red check plush with a faux lamb’s wool lining from Kanata Blanket Co. and it’s indescribably soft. My only criticism is that the faux wool is a little thin and that detracts from the look of quality, but then it’s still plenty warm and soft.

Did I mention soft?

Get one in a dusty color that won’t show dirt and it would be great for a Spring car trip. I’m not an affiliate I just love blankets.


— 6 —

While clipping recipes out of magazines discarded from the library, I came across my dream dining table at Structube.com. Look how nice and clean it looks. They sell cotton candy pink chairs, too! Living on the East Coast of Canada usually means that I can’t source things that I see in magazines, but this time there is a brick-and-mortar shop within driving distance. Yay! Now I just have to find the time…


— 7 —

Finally, tell me what you’re doing for St. Patrick’s Day? We haven’t decided yet. I made soda bread several years in a row. Every year I say I’ll make a Guinness stew, but never get around to it. Here are some quick takes for food and fun from my Pinterest board. Don’t forget to follow!

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8 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes on What I Like This Week

    • Potatoes are a great idea! I must be doing something right because my daughter, who hated potatoes, has decided that she likes them now. She’ll eat them creamed and fried in butter.

  1. Lovely post, your daughter is so cute reading to the therapy dog. Adorable. The bracelet looks pretty, and I love the sound of your cosy new blanket!

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