About Kerry

I’m Kerry: homemaker, homeschooler, Catholic, Mom of one. I have aspirations of becoming an author and a digital designer. I want to tell you a little about myself and what I write about here at Fishbowl Fortune. (See also What’s in the name Fishbowl Fortune?)

I grew up in a little town on an island in Nova Scotia, Canada. I was an only child. My grandmother and mother were both homemakers and both passionate about food. Cooking, especially vintage family recipes, makes me feel connected with my roots. I took Psychology and Engineering in university, with a sloppy dollop of English Literature on top. I met a handsome second generation Chinese Canadian from the Biology department. In four years we were married and in three more years we had a daughter. I’m an older Mom; I had my only at thirty-four.

We decided to homeschool because we were impressed by the social skills and kindness of the homeschooled kids that we met. Also, we want freedom to teach our daughter in a way that suits her uniquely. We want her to have a part in decisions about her education, too. We put relationships and family life first, so home-based learning helps us keep our priorities straight. It wasn’t until after we made our decision to homeschool that religion became a factor, as I decided to return to the Catholic church and began to renew my faith. Without the online homeschooling community and the mission of several community members I might not have come to that decision so early in our journey, so I am very grateful for them.

If I have nothing to do you are most likely to find me curled up with a plush blanket and an oversized mug of tea. I will be watching TV (something girly or something creepy) or reading a self-help guide or a cookbook. My daughter and I love going to church, painting together, telling stories around a pretend camp fire, baking treats for tea time, and putting polish on her nails.

This blog is about trust and gratitude. Believe that each of us is gifted with all the talent and resourcefulness that we need to accomplish beautiful things. Every post presents new ideas and encouragement to help you grow in love, creativity, curiosity and thankfulness.

The topics you will find here include:

  • Homemaking and Food
  • Homeschooling Early Elementary
  • Christian Family Life
  • Being An Aspiring Author
  • Arts, Crafts and Projects

Welcome! Please follow along with me as I cultivate a lifestyle of abundance for our family.

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