What’s in the name Fishbowl Fortune?

The name Fishbowl Fortune seemed right to me because it brings together a lot of ideas that I hold to be true into one metaphor which I will now try to explain. A fishbowl is a very common and ordinary thing, but it is so much more than just a fishbowl.

The first part of the metaphor comes from our family history. When I met my husband he was a marine biologist. He maintained an aquarium for the university. He’s also a Chinese-Canadian, and when I think of Chinese motifs I think koi (goldfish) and fortune cookies. Our family is the best fortune cookie I’ve ever gotten. Fishbowl Fortune!

The second part has to do with my state of mind when I created the blog. If you’re a stay-at-home Mom you know how it feels sometimes, maybe most times. If you aren’t, imagine that the most important things in your life are right in front of you twenty-four hours a day. You are so intimate with your home and the people in it that it is all a part of you and you are a part of it. Everything in your world shows you your own reflection. For example, the loving words that your child says to you are the same loving words that you have said to them. The state of the kitchen, whether it is spotless or untidy, is a display of your own state of mind. Your world is kind of like a fishbowl. It’s not like you can leave! Everything has to work well together and be maintained for the well-being of the fish and everything else in the bowl.

The other parts of the metaphor are about resources. Imagine a bowl where you keep change. When I was little the change in our bowl was for bags of penny candy or the ice cream cart. It was a place to keep treasure. Small coins grew in the bowl and eventually granted wishes. That’s kind of what life is about, isn’t it? We are called to look at the small things, the dull things and see our treasure. We need to have faith that we have everything we need. We also need to wisely use everything that we are given. What other choice does a fish have but to live by faith that what it has is good and enough?

So, since you were wondering, that’s what’s in the name.